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About Us

About Us

Originating in 1892 as Walter A. Wood Harvestor Company, later known as International Harvester, the foundry was bought by local businessmen in 1906 and moved to the present location as Northern Malleable Iron producing malleable iron for the agricultural, automotive and trucking industry. Ductile iron was first poured in 1968 and gradually replaced malleable iron until it was discontinued in 1996 and the name was changed to Northern Iron & Machine. Today 80 percent of our production is ductile and austempered ductile iron with the balance gray iron.

The machine shop was started in 1986, to enable Northern Iron & Machine to supply a finished machined, value added product, to our customers that is ready to assemble. This remains our focus today, to supply the highest quality, finished machined and painted, gray iron, ductile iron and austempered ductile iron casting available. In August of 2006, Northern Iron & Machine was separated from the Versa Group of Companies and continues as a successful, privately owned business.

Our corporate policy statement reads:

Northern Iron & Machine will seek to meet customer's expectations for quality and delivery at a competitive price. Continual improvement of our processes will help us attain these expectations by improving our quality management system and our customer's satisfaction.

The elements, brought together by Northern Iron & Machine, make this happen. They are our people, our facilities and our technology. By utilizing modern and efficient equipment, run by well trained, dedicated workers following precisely engineered and tested production routings run under exact process controls, our customers get the highest quality, best valued cast product available.

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