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Northern Iron & Machine is looking for great people to join our team. We offer excellent benefits, healthcare, 401K, and 15 paid days off the first year.

Foundry Positions:

Final/In Process Inspector

Inspector conducts part inspections during the Finishing operations and subsequently reports scrap on our computer system.

This position also checks casting hardness at various times during part processing and reports those values on our computer system.

Inspector reviews castings for defects per written instructions and established criteria.


The melter charges furnaces, monitors and adjusts furnace temperature, and adds alloy as needed.

This position also monitors furnace chemistry with a Eutectometer and communicates with our Metallurgical Lab.

Iron Pourer

Iron Pourer receives iron in the pouring ladle and adds alloy.

This position pours molten iron into sand molds by using a manually operated pouring ladle.

Finisher Grinder

Using a combination of grinding tools, (Bench Grinder, Disc Grinder, etc.) Finisher Grinder removes extra material from castings per written work instruction.

Cleaning, Shotblast, and Deburr Operator

Operates parts washer, shotblast machine, manual drill, and performs deburring.

Forklift Driver (Foundry)

The forklift driver moves tooling and castings around the Foundry as directed by Supervisor.

Machine Shop Positions:

CNC Machine Operator Class C (Milling)

CNC Mill Operator loads castings, runs programs, unloads machined castings, and deburrs parts.

This position also uses manual inspection tools to monitor castings for dimensional accuracy.

Machined Parts Inspector

The Machined Part Inspector inspects machined castings using a combination of manual inspection tools and CMM’s.

Inspector interprets CMM results and technical drawings to ensure part Quality.

Forklift Operator (Machine Shop)

Moves parts and other containers around the machine shop as directed by Supervisor

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