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Iron Foundry

Iron Foundry

Northern Iron and Machine has installed a new DISA Match 130 automated molding line. (read more)

Automated Molding Line

Unparalleled Metallurgical Expertise

The backbone of a Quality Foundry

When it comes to metallurgical capabilities, we can say with complete confidence that Northern Iron & Machine's are second to none. We have a staff of committed experts who get involved early to make sure your job starts right and goes as planned. People who do whatever it takes to ensure your part is to your specification and your satisfaction.

To determine the optimal gating and risering system, we use computerized solidification modeling. This saves you time and money by eliminating the trial and error often associated with casting a new or intricate part. Once your part is approved for production, Northern Iron & Machine technicians continuously monitor the quality of all raw materials used to manufacture it. We plot test results on SPC charts to ensure chemical consistency. Following shakeout and dumping, we conduct both destructive and non-destructive (ultrasonic) porosity tests. And before we machine anything, we perform complete physical tests on your castings to ensure they are within specifications. We will provide letters of compliance or material certifications when needed.

The expertise and diligence of our metallurgists is the primary reason Northern Iron & Machine castings are always consistent, and always machinable.

A quick look at our Foundry Facilities list will show you the complete modern foundry these dedicated people support. The Metals Poured list gives the metals we pour and their properties. For a guide to the typical dimensional tolerance a casting can hold see our Tolerancing Guide. Northern Iron & Machine brings the best people, system and equipment together to get results for our customers.

Northern Iron and Machine Automated Molding Line

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