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We monitor every process, every step of the way

The Quality of our raw materials. A casting's complete metallurgy. The critical dimensions of a precision machined clutch housing. How well a bushing fits into a sub-assembly. At Northern Iron & Machine, we establish strict operating parameters with equally strict documentation to ensure that when a part rolls off our line it's ready for yours.

Quality is an obsession at Northern Iron & Machine. It has been for nearly a century. Our uncompromising commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has helped us to earn ISO certification. We operate under a total quality system that guides everything we do - from purchasing and receiving to production to the shipment of finished product. Our metallurgy department and statistical process control systems are extremely strong. Our machine shop can handle everything we cast, and has rapidly established a reputation for excellence.

All of these strengths are reflected day after day in the exceptional quality of our finished parts. They are the reason we are able to consistently deliver 100% acceptable parts.

Northern Iron & Machine, in addition to being ISO Certified has been audited and certified by Caterpillar, Case Corp., Fairmont Tamper, and G.E. Transportation Systems. No customer or prospective customer examining our current quality system has ever been less than satisfied.

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ISO 9001:2015

In the summer of 1997 Northern Iron & Machine was approved for ISO-9002 certification. A review of our process sheets and procedure manuals will show a quality system designed to establish the best process for producing each part during the design and start-up phase of each job. In 2003, Northern Iron upgraded to ISO-9001:2000.

Precise routings are established and parts are inspected, laid out and tested at each phase of the sampling process. Once process and routings are established and documented the same process and routings are followed each consecutive run. This assures consistency from run to run.

Our systems assure our customers the best possible process will be developed to make these parts. ISO-9001 certification means we do what we say we do. You can count on it.

This is nothing new for Northern Iron & Machine. As a certified supplier to Caterpillar since 1986, Northern Iron & Machine has been working to some of the toughest standards in the industry since long before ISO became popular. Now an outside quality standard certifies we do what we say we do. This makes your choice of Northern Iron & Machine easier than ever.

ISO 9001 Certificate

Transportation & Power Generation Certification From The Performance Review Institute

Following their successful audit completion, Northern Iron and Machine has received certification from the Performance Review Institute in the Transportation and Power Generation Accreditation Program for casting processes. This certification emphasizes Northern Iron and Machine's continued commitment to making high quality castings and finished parts, and dedication to reducing costs.

The Performance Review Institute initially developed the certification process with GE Transportation and was patterned after the Nadcap program. This certification program was developed to improve quality and reduce manufacturing costs through improving manufacturing process controls and performance, and also to reduce compliance risk. Northern Iron and Machine's successful completion of the accreditation process shows their manufacturing methods are of highest quality.

Northern Iron and Machine is a ductile, austempered ductile and gray iron contract manufacturer that also provides finish-machined parts, painting and assembly of castings in its machine shop. They currently ship more than 4,500 tons of castings a year to the OEM equipment builders, oil field, off-highway, agriculture, locomotive and trucking equipment manufacturers.

Transportation & Power Generation Certification