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Gray, ductile, and austempered ductile iron castings up to 250lbs.
ASTM A536, SAE J434, ASTM A48, SAE J431


At Northern Iron & Machine, we establish strict operating parameters with equally strict documentation to ensure that when a part rolls off our line, it’s ready for you.

We operate under a total quality system that guides everything we do – from purchasing and receiving to production to the shipment of the finished product. Our metallurgy department and statistical process control systems are solid. Our machine shop can handle everything we cast and has rapidly established a reputation for excellence.

All of these strengths are reflected daily in the exceptional quality of our finished parts. They are the reason we can consistently deliver 100% good parts.

Northern Iron & Machine, in addition to being ISO Certified, has been audited and certified by Caterpillar, Case Corp., Fairmont Tamper, and G.E. Transportation Systems.


We monitor every process, every step of the way

  • Quality of our raw materials
  • A casting’s complete metallurgy
  • The critical dimensions of a precision machined clutch housing
  • How well a bushing fits into a sub-assembly

ISO 9001:2015

Transportation & Power Generation Certification

Quality check

during the initial production run of iron castings produced from a new pattern

Northern Iron & Machine performs a full dimensional layout. After a part enters into production, it is dimensionally verified based on the pattern’s cycle count which is a measure of molds produced on a given pattern. This dimensional verification of the casting is done to monitor tooling wear.

Also, during the initial sampling phase, the casting process is further developed and verified thru soundness evaluation by either sectioning or radiographic examination. We section a part by sawing it in a variety of orientations through the thicker cross sections of the casting.

Every heat lot is checked for hardness using a Brinell hardness tester. The hardness value is used as a process control parameter that closely follows the mechanical properties of the material. The hardness readings are recorded into our internal metallurgical software system for thorough evaluation.

In addition to a complete range of manual inspection tools, Northern Iron and Machine uses a Romer arm for the precise measurement of all finished iron castings. The Romer Arm is a manually operated coordinate measuring machine. It is accurate within thousandths of an inch ensuring final iron castings meet quality requirements.

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