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Gray, ductile, and austempered ductile iron castings up to 250lbs.
ASTM A536, SAE J434, ASTM A48, SAE J431

Precision technology helps ensure quality castings

Northern Iron doesn’t simply just make castings, we precision machine them too up to the highest standards. Our machinists work on some of the most precise machining equipment in the foundry industry.

CAD/CAM software

Northern uses cutting-edge ESPRIT CAM software technology. This software helps in all areas of the machine shop from intricate milling to precision turning. It helps to optimize our manufacturing process and produce high-quality finished castings.

Machinists at Northern are capable of machining to tolerances of +/-0.0005 inches. The shop has a full line of milling and turning equipment and four axis, fully programmable CNC machines.

CNC Turning

Quality assurance in the machine shop

Nothern Iron checks dimensions on the automated CMMs throughout each shift. They also perform a final inspection before machined parts are shipped. There are robust processes in place that Northern’s production, engineering and quality team work together on. This dedication and processes help us to provide quality products at a competitive price.

CMM measurements and process controll

Each of Northern Iron’s CMMs operate with a volumetric accuracy of 8 microns. The data collected when a part is inspected on the CMM is sent to a Statistical Process Control software. This software allows us to monitor the machining process.

The goal Northern strives to maintain is a Cpk of 1.33 or better.

Manual inspections help quality control dimensions

There is also a full range of manual inspection equipment at Northern Iron. Machine operators measure various dimensional features with manual gauging during the machining process. It is part of Northern’s comprehensive quality system.  It also provides Northern with a greater sampling frequency for critical dimensions.

Each machine operator has a computer at their workstation where these manual measurements are recorded. All of the measurement equipment is monitored by an internal calibration system that is traceable back to NIST standards.

Contact Northern Iron for your casting and machining needs

We hold our standards to the highest quality when it comes to castings and machining at Northern Iron. If you have any questions or you are looking for a quote on products, please contact us at 651-778-3300.

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