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Gray, ductile, and austempered ductile iron castings up to 250lbs.
ASTM A536, SAE J434, ASTM A48, SAE J431

About us

Originating in 1892 as Walter A. Wood Harvester Company, later known as International Harvester, the foundry was bought by local businesspeople in 1906 and moved to the present location as Northern Malleable Iron. They produced malleable iron for the agricultural, automotive, and trucking industries. Ductile iron was first poured in 1968 and gradually replaced malleable iron until malleable was completely phased out in 1996 and the name was changed to Northern Iron & Machine. Today 80 percent of our production is ductile and austempered ductile iron with the balance gray iron.

The machine shop was started in 1986, to enable Northern Iron & Machine to supply a finished machined, value-added product, to our customers that is ready to assemble. This remains our focus today, to supply the highest quality, finished machined and painted, gray iron, ductile iron, and austempered ductile iron casting available. In August of 2006, Northern Iron & Machine was separated from the Versa Group of Companies. In August 2022, we joined The Lawton Standard family of companies.

Our mission

Northern Iron & Machine will seek to meet customer’s expectations for quality and delivery at a competitive price. Continual improvement of our processes will help us attain these expectations by improving our quality management system and our customer’s satisfaction.

Proud members of the American Foundry Society

The Northern Iron difference

Our people

NIM is run by well-trained, dedicated workers

Our facilities and technology

We utilize modern and efficient equipment and follow precisely engineered and tested production routings.

Our quality

In addition to being ISO Certified has been audited and certified by Caterpillar, Case Corp., Fairmont Tamper, and G.E. Transportation Systems. We raise our standards to The Lawton Standard.

Meet the Family

Northern Iron & Machine is a proud member of The Lawton Standard family

Meet the team

John Henry

Site Manager

Mike McDavid

Sales Manager

Steve Jenkins

New Business Development Manager